Some of our favorite products

Here are some of our go-to products for cleaning and getting houses ready for staging. We are always testing new products. If you have a great one please send us an email and we will add it to the list. This is a new page on our site, we will be adding tips and products on here regularly. 
Use for removing scuff marks on walls and stubborn soap scum on glass shower doors.
Use for removing scratches on furniture, molding, wood doors,  and wood floors.
Use this non-abrasive formula to help remove rust and stains left behind by hard water. Great for bringing the sheen back on kitchen and bath fixtures.
Use this along with a dehumidifier to get rid of the moldy musty smell from your basement. For larger issues stemming from too much moisture use the refillable tubs.
Use this to get rid of the sticky adhesive left behind from stickers or tape on your fridge, doors, windows, and furniture.
Scrape the paint off your windows. This tool makes it easy to clean dried up paint right up. 
Eliminate cooking, pet, smoke, or bathroom odors. 

Leaves the house smelling fresh. We recommend having it handy for quick wipe-downs right before showings. It will leave the house smelling clean. Highly recommend it if you are a pet owner. Most people become nose blind to the way their own house smells. This product does a great job at quickly killing odors. 
My favorite product for cutting grease. If you need to paint or touch up cabinets that have accumulated cooking grease on them, this product is great for cleaning them. I use it to cut grease on hood vents, cooktops, etc. 
Replace your brass, wooden, or themed wall plates with simple white ones. This will update the look and it is so inexpensive to do. 
It can be used to lessen and erase stains on saucepans, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, rust, sinks, uPVC, garden furniture, paintwork, boats, cooker tops, etc. 
Great for covering up scratches on furniture or on wood floors. It comes in different shades, make sure to match your wood tone. 

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