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As En Vue Staging rolls into its 7th summer milestone I wanted to reach out and say thank you! I owe its success all to those who have trusted us, referred us, and used our services.

At the bottom, we have included a link to some of our go-to staging products as a thank you. We will continue to work on this list adding tips, products, and how-to videos. If you have some favorite products to suggest please email us and we will add them.

Some news on what we have been up to. Covid forced us to adapt to keep our business going. We got our e-design certification, upgraded our software, Stephanie got her CID (Certification in Interior Design), and we are now starting to service the Denver area.

Our services in lower Fairfield County and Upper Westchester remain the same.

Stephanie, my wonderful business partner, continues to stage on the East Coast while I am now in Denver continuing our growth. Stephanie and I will be traveling back and forth when big jobs require both of us. We continue to work together on every job.

If we look for the silver lining covid left us, here it is, we are now able to work together virtually on our design boards for both stagings and redesign projects.

Denver is a hot market like lower Fairfield County but with even less inventory. It is not uncommon to have back-to-back showings on the first weekend with people waiting outside a house for their turn to view a listing. The viewing windows can be limited to only 15 minutes. Multiple offers and over asking is the norm with a deadline on offer submissions.

I will kick off the Denver area with soft staging solutions. Soft staging differs from traditional staging as it does not entail bringing in furniture. It involves the usual paring down and restyling of the pieces already on hand. Accents such as pillows, lamps, artwork, and decorative accessories are brought in to freshen up the look as needed.

We tend to enjoy this process more as it pushes the creative aspect of the job. It is much easier to bring in all new items to an empty room. To find ways to make a tired or well-lived home fresh and attractive with just innovative and creative solutions is far more challenging.

The advantage for the seller is that this eliminates the need for the rental of expensive furniture and the cost of movers and subsequently keeps the cost way down.

Stephanie's mom/me/Stephanie/my mom in 2019

Stephanie and I are also happy to add another service, which we shall call En Good Hands. Having both recently relocated our respective aging parents, we first handed dealt with the need to aggressively pare down their possessions, downsize and make a new place feel like home. This is an emotionally draining experience for anyone. It takes compassion, empathy, and understanding. Stephanie and I have now done this for our parents as well as for some of our clients.

Hiring us gives everyone a chance to have the many difficult details of the move addressed and ease the emotional strain this process has. We can take care of all or just one of the steps:

  • paring down (selling, donating, or dumping the too many things we tend to accumulate)

  • freshen up the house to get it ready for listing (painting, repairing, updating, deep cleaning)

  • staging

  • plan what pieces of furniture can be moved over to the new place

  • styling of the new place with furniture placement and decor

Anybody who has worked with us before knows we are sensitive, gentle, efficient, and hard-working. Just take a look at our testimonials:

If your loved one is moving far or coming from away Steph and I are also available to travel to the job. We can also divide and conquer with Stephanie in one location and me in another and coordinate the details. Keep us in mind if you know anyone that could use our services.

Again, thank you for your continued trust in us and our business!

As promised, some of our must-haves to get a house ready:

with health and happiness,

Marina and Stephanie

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