Declutter your house - The linen closet. A free weekly how-to approach to tackle the project.

The first step in adding order and a sense of visual calmness to a space is to start paring down. Whether you are planning to stage your home for listing or to organize it for yourself, we will guide you along the way.

Here are our tips for making this process tangible and stress-free.

Concentrate on ONE room at a time. This is key!


1) Have some bags/boxes/bins ready with a label for each one: KEEP, TRASH, RECYCLE, DONATE, RELOCATE, SELL. You will start filling these up as you go AND you will feel an immediate sense of accomplishment, clarity.

2) Take a photo of the closet. You will want to have a before and after.

Take a horizontal photo with the light on.

3) Take everything out. You know the drill now.

This may seem overwhelming, but it is the only way you will clearly see what you have and be forced to go through every item. You will be shocked to see how much stuff you actually own!

4) Start to assess

  • towels: are they still fluffy, torn, lost its "white", frayed?

  • sheets: do the sizes fit your mattresses, do the fitted sheets still have elasticity, any tears, stains? Is the set complete?

  • bed pillows: are they stained, clumpy, flat? Note: pillows should be washed at least twice a year. Do not store dirty pillows. Click here for some tips: pillowwashing

  • blankets: are they still in good shape? Separate by size.

5) Pair the top sheet and fitted sheet with their respective pillow covers

Storing the sheets in their pillow cover is the best way to keep it all together.

See video: Storing Sheets

Keep your same size sheets together. You will dedicate a shelf space for each size. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King

6) Examine your empty closet and assess the following:

  • Does it need painting? Cleaning?

  • Now is the time to update the cheap metal shelves

  • Add more shelves if you do not have enough

  • Does the light fixture need to be updated or the bulb replaced?

  • Do you want to add some wallpaper?

7) Label the shelves with the sheet size and store the sheets accordingly and start putting your piles back. Keep all like items together and start putting them back on shelves, stacked together by type and size.

8) Repeat step 7 for blankets, duvet covers, coverlets, etc. The key is to have it all organized and labeled for easy access and to get rid of items you no longer use.

9) Repeat for bath towels. For the face cloths and hand towels. I love these stackers from West Elm. Click on the image for the product link.


10) Shop for baskets for your loose items. Other items that you may store in your linen closet can be put in storage boxes. This adds a nice touch and keeps things in their place.

11) Add a fresh scent. Nothing makes me happier than nice-smelling linens. I like to get my favorite lavender soaps and store them in the closet in a basket. Use whatever scent makes you happy. You can achieve the same trick by placing dryer sheets in between bed sheets and towels or storing scented candles in a basket.

12) If you have run out of shelf space, you can get some baskets for the bottom and store pillows and blankets there.

13) Take an after photo from the same angle as the before image.

14) Share it with us on social media. Instagram and/or Facebook

15) Drop off the items for donations and recycling.

Animal Shelters are a great place to donate used bedding, blankets, and towels

Disaster Relief Programs like the Red Cross will often take these sorts of items.

You did it! By now you should have gone through the master closet, the other bedroom closets, and the linen closet. Next week we will tackle the kitchen pantry.

Need some inspiration for your linen closet? We have pinned a few for you. Click on the Pinterest box below:

Please send us any tips you have discovered along the way and do not forget to share your photos with us! Email us at We love hearing from you!

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